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Financial support for Land Girls

RABI is the national charity for the farming community. RABI are able to offer assistance to women who served in the WLA who are in financial need and where there is no other charity that would take precedence over RABI. RABI have helped many such ladies already but are aware that there may be others who do not know they are able to assist.

Further information about RABI is on or write to:

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution,
Patricia Pickford, Head of Welfare,
Shaw House, 27 West Way, Oxford, OX2 0QH
Tel: 01865 724931
Fax: 01865 202025
Direct: 01865 811594
RABI Helpline: 01865 727888


Blitz and bananas

This film has been written based on local peoples memories and has become a real Bromley and Orpington community project involving over 150 volunteer actors, film makers and general helpers ranging from one month to 91 years old! We were especially thrilled when tv actors Brian Murphy and Linda Regan kindly agreed to take part.

Write to Stuart Olsson 21 Southey Way, Larkfield, Aylesford ME20 6TS or email him on

The 2014 annual Women's Land Army reunion at the Brenzett Aeronautical Museum in Kent, Ivychurch Road, Brenzett, Romney Marsh, Kent. TN29 0EE or go to is on 17/08/2014. There is usually a place to meet and chat with other land girls and a free tour of the land girls section of the museum.

If you would like to add information about events to this site please e-mail us.

Getting in touch

Many land girls are asking for help contacting other land girls. At the moment the Government Department DEFRA holds the fullest list with contact details of 39000 land girls but they are not able to release these. The best we can therefore offer is that you contact Stuart Olsson as above.

Women's Land Army

In 1939, the idea of a Women's Land Army (WLA) was greeted with scorn by the British farming community. It was believed farming was no place for a respectable woman. Yet 11 years later, when the WLA was officially disbanded, the once-sceptical National Farmers' Union wanted to keep it.

"Untrained women from many different walks of life coped with food production when Britain was at war. It is a story of courage and of dauntless acceptance of a farm worker’s or forester's way of life." (Carol Twinch Women on the Land)

Womens Land Army Badge of Honour

The much awaited badge in recognition of what the Land Girls did in the war is now available to those who are still alive or to their relatives if the date of death was AFTER 6th December 2007. The BBC said:

Applicants will be asked to supply evidence of their eligibility by submitting an application form. This form is available on the Then put 'Womens land army badge' into the search box and you will see the link to the information and the application form. Badges will not be awarded to spouses or families of deceased members, where death has occurred before 6th December 2007. Want to know more - you can write to Secretary of State at Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Nobel House, 17 Smith Square , London. SW1P 3JR. For those who are concerned that this is not a medal, the Government cannot award medals, only the Queen can do that.

Relatives of Land Girls

There are many families in England today with someone who was in the Women's Land Army or Timber Corps. For them this DVD offers a medium through which to discuss the importance of the work of their grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunts, great aunts and cousins.

Links to websites's_land_army.htm?&0 is the publisher of a book called ‘Gunner and Land Girl written by Land girl about her time on a farm in Weardale, along with my the memoires of her husband about his time in the Royal Artillery. The book is also available from Amazon at £7.50 inc postage.

Women's Land Army and Timber Corps Veterans

The Women's Land Army and Timber Corps Veterans are led by Mildred Bowden herself a Land Girl from WW2. She was in active service and risked her life, like many others, in order to prevent Britain reaching starvation.

A DVD and study pack suitable for students studying the Home Front in World War Two.

It focuses on:

  • The work the women undertook
  • The danger the women faced
  • The legacy of the women

To purchase a DVD and study pack please click here

***** NEWSFLASH *****

The WLA & TC documentary film made by Beth Hearn Keech has won the Audience Poll Award at the Student Film Awards of the Imperial War Museum. To win the audience award is an indication how the high esteem in which the work of the Land Army and Timber Corps is held.

It looks great on the big screen... here are Edith Russell, Doris Jamison, Beth Hearn Keech and Jean Cowley at the award ceremony:

To purchase the 15 minute DVD and study pack you will need to pay £9.99 by cheque. If you wish to make a purchase please call 07984306330 to find out how.

Link to school curriculum

World War 2 Survivors: The Women's Land Army and Timber Corps is a DVD and study pack that brings together the contemporary experiences and views of Land Girls with curriculum materials. Interviews were collected during the 60th anniversary celebrations of VE Day. The DVD outlines the context in which these women worked and survived dangers on a regular basis.

The material for students studying the Home Front in World War Two, lacks relevant material on the role played by women. This DVD and Study Pack will support students' knowledge acquisition by describing what women did in the Land Army and Timber Corps and by explaining the importance of their role to the war effort. The oral testimony is refreshingly told by eye-witnesses. They describe their jobs and the obstacles they overcame. Their common sense and humour help to bring the period to life and testify to the importance of their work. The Study Pack contains information and lesson ideas that will encourage individual study skills, group collaboration and provoke class discussion. Differentiated materials mean it will be suitable for students of different abilities. The materials contain suggestions to encourage knowledge and skills in ICT, maths, geography and history.

The Study Pack contains questions that will provoke lively debate among students:

Presentation Questions

  1. "The Woman's Land Girls and Timber Corps was a one rank force where physical hard labour was the order of the day".
  2. "The dangers faced by Land Girls and Timber Corps working in Frontline Britain during the war should have been recognised at the end of the war".
  3. "Their experiences in the Women's Land Army and Timber Corps helped change the lives of many women for ever".
  4. "Women today would not respond to the patriotic call of their country".

To purchase a DVD and study pack

To purchase the 15 minute DVD and study pack you will need to pay £9.99 by cheque. Please call 07984306330 to find out how.

Contact details

e-mail address:

If you are trying to find information about a Land Girl then you need to contact the National Archives or the Imperial War Museum. There are no full records anywhere. Those were all destroyed. However the archive and museum have the original index cards for some locations. You need to know the maiden name of the person you are seeking information about.


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